Are You Ready ForHealing?

No one has walked your walk.

No one knows your pain, your struggles or your aspirations.

For each of us, there are issues and concerns that can consume our energy, our focus and our sense of direction. For each of us, there are areas of pain that get in the way of real success. What are those things for you?  Has loss, trauma or stress changed you?

Do you now feel:

Frustrated and Blaming

Guilty or Judged

Paralyzed and Unproductive

Uninterested and Foggy Minded

Emotional and Irrational

Angry at God

Cynical and Untrusting

A Lack of Purpose

Unable to Love and Connect

Numb and Disoriented

Fearful and Anxious

Inflexible and Stoic


Tiffany Coughran is a leading innovator in the science of emotional wellness and healing from loss and trauma. She has worked with high crisis first responders as well as high-level executives to bring calm to trauma, and essential focus to leadership and teams.

Whether you have lost a child to suicide, lost a career dream due to health issues, or lost the trust of your team through mismanagement, Tiffany's key research can give you new tools to create transformational results.  Are you ready for an emotional win

Do you know someone who has suffered a loss or transition?