Tiffany Berg Coughran

In 2001, Tiffany began researching addiction and trauma patterns. She spent 12 months (14,000 hrs) completing an emotional release certification which focused on NLP, Inner Child work, forgiveness therapy and PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology). 

From the years 2002 to 2012 Tiffany consulted individuals and families struggling with addiction, abuse and loss. During this time she also assisted professionals through life altering crisis and transition.

Her clinical chaplain work began in 2010 as she addressed her own grief as a new widow.

Documenting and reviewing bereavement and trauma case studies, she began to see patterns in grief recovery and addiction recovery. As her study took her deeper into the science, spiritual traditions, psychology, and vulnerability/empathy studies, innovative methods and sequential systems became clear to her. 

She completed her models using over 400 case studies of individuals, families and corporate teams. 

Her book "Make Peace With Your Pain" to be released in 2016, cites this research and qualifies the documented success that her systems have shown when applied to personal loss and transition, as well as corporate health and synergy.

Her Background

Since 2002, Tiffany has spoken professionally and authored multiple books on emotional wellness. Her first coaching assisted those seeking sobriety or recovery after addiction. Tiffany herself struggled with alcohol from a young age. In 2007 Tiffany represented Utah as Mrs. Utah United States, speaking throughout the state with the platform "Recovery Is Possible!". 

Tiffany is a requested advisor to multiple business owners and top executives, and assists in corporate training, team development, and cohesive organizational transitions.

In addition to her chaplaincy, Tiffany has worked for many years with local and national media and understands the complexity of emotion in highly charged situations and losses. As a consultant, Tiffany has prepared individuals emotionally and intellectually for high visibility national interviews.

Her Passion

Tiffany has been featured over 100 times in local and national media. Utah's Fabulous 50 People, the Daily Herald Magazine in Utah's Top 100 and Mrs. Utah United States.

Tiffany produced and hosted "Succeeding Gracefully" a faith-based women's talk show in the Mountain Region from 2004-2006. She has mentored many speakers, authors, and celebrities on media protocols and currently supports families in high-profile crisis management and media coaching with the team at Cavalry PR

In 2004 she co-founded the non-profit Heart2Home, gifting over 3 million dollars to needy Utah families. Tiffany is an author of multiple books on emotional wellness.

In 2013 Tiffany was reunited with her high school sweetheart Vernon. They share 8 adult children and five grandchildren.