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You've got a book inside . . . let's get it in PRINT!

You've got a great book idea. You want it to be SUPER successful right? Why do you keep saying money doesn't matter? It does. When your book makes money, guess what? That means you're helping MORE people!


Don't Just Write a Book - Build a Business!

As a best-selling author and marketing coach, Tiffany has helped launch and sell over 70,000 books for her clients! 

Confidentiality & Candor

Safety is essential when we're birthing our ideas. Your concepts are private and protected.

Annnnd, if your idea sucks - well heavens, we can tweak it a bit. I won't tell you what you want to hear, I'll tell you what you NEED to hear.

You gotta get over your blocks and your insecurities - and maybe even your pride in asking for help.

You want the freaking best content EVAH. Let's do it!

Let's Get Crayzeeeeee Together.

Selling yourself is pretty much the hardest thing you'll ever do. That's why you need a mentor.


Your life experiences - even your crappy ones - have set you up to shine. Let's write a bio that speaks FOR you and opens cool doors.


Time to bundle your goodness in a way that feeds your audience AND feeds your soul.


You're on this planet to be a blessing. And, offering your support, your knowledge, your leadership, your art, your time . . . all of those are streams of income that bless YOU back. 

Distinctify Yourself

Say It Better

Sometimes we talk "branding". But success doesn't come with just a good color or a great logo. It comes through standing out and rising above. 

Are you DISTINCT? 

Distinct means:

distinguished as not being the same; not identical
different in nature or quality; 
clear to the senses or intellect;  unmistakable: 
unquestionably exceptional or notable

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Your Mindset Matters! 

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Sharing your story is scary! Developing your voice and your brand can be stressful. 

  • Are you feeling hopeless and helpless?
  • Have you lost faith because bad things have happened?
  • Are you isolating?
  • Do you need different friends?
  • Have you forgotten parts of yourself?
  • Are you ready to grow? 

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Featured on podcasts, TV, and radio, Tiffany shares insights on overcoming emotional blocks and mobilizing your message!

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