Fight The Finger

politics Nov 17, 2020

A few days ago I participated in a freedom rally with hundreds of other vehicles. We met at the Utah State Capitol, sporting our American flags and patriotic attire. As is our right in the USA, thousands of us gathered to demonstrate and protest our election concerns. We drove to show our love of the country. And we drove in gratitude for our flag, our Veterans, and our freedom. 

It was electric. The fun, the excitement, and the patriotism were exhilarating. People laughed and honked and waved along the side of the road. At the end of the 40-mile drive, we ate at food trucks and supported an important non-profit. It was delightful. I’ll certainly be doing it again.

The saddest thing to me was the handful of cars that drove by me on the freeway with only one message. It was a finger. 

That’s all. A finger. 

(well, actually some weren’t just a finger - some people were screaming and scowling WHILE giving us the finger)

Now I understand that it’s...

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